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Neutral® is more than clothing. It's designed as a communication platform for you to inspire people and business to act okay.

All Neutral® products come with Certified Responsibility™ labeling and hangtags, making a clear statement about their inherent qualities. That way, Neutral® exemplifies your commitment to the health of people and planet.

Organizations increasingly replace our front hangtag with one of their or take a step further by customizing our products according to their specific sustainable message.

Either way, with Neutral® you can share your inspirational stories with great impact on a T-shirt you need anyway. And that's okay!

okay case #1 BLÆREDYGTIG

The Danish singer Gulddreng ("Goldboy") has since his first release in 2016 had success with his self-mocking songs about luxury, gold and fame, sarcastically referring to the music business.

For the AW17 Copenhagen Fashion Week, he relaunched himself as Grøndreng ("Greenboy") together with Altivisten, promoting sustainable clothing consumption. With the Blæredygtig Neutral® T-shirt, referring to both the words "sustainable" and "showing off" in Danish, they found a way to share their inspirational story with great impact. A simple, but strong message. 

okay case #2 KOLMÅRDEN

We work together with Swedish Kolmården - the largest wildlife and amusement park in Northern Europe.

Wildlife protection and responsible resource usage lies at the very heart of Kolmården. And with Neutral® clothing, Kolmården has a platform communicating their sustainable mindset.

A memory for visitors to bring home, exemplifying Kolmården's dedicated work towards the creation of a sensible balance between the planet and the people and animals living on it. Isn’t that okay?

okay case #3 postevand

With the aim of creating a more honest and sustainable approach to bottled water, Postevand (the Danish word for tap water) is Danish ground water, packaged in eco-friendly FSC cartons and always shipped over the shortest distance possibly.

Equally a cause, statement and product, Postevand is encouraging people to drink tap water instead of buying bottled water whenever it’s possible. A message about sustainable water consumption shared on Neutral® T-shirts and bags.

okay case #4 selvfølgelig

Together with DFD - one of the largest service companies within industrial laundry - we have developed SELVFØLGELIG clothing for the health care sector. So now, the staff at hospitals and nursing homes can wear sustainable work wear that meet all quality requirements within industrial laundry when it comes to comfort, durability and price.

Moreover, the worn out SELVFØLGELIG clothing is upcycled as new material in new products, prolonging the lifespan of each item. The concept of upcycled cotton has been developed by one of our long-term partners Klaus Samsøe - a true frontrunner within sustainability in fashion and design. Previously, he has conducted research on how to use cotton in new ways in non-clothing items together with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). And now his valuable insight into materials' reusability has made it possible for us to reach new levels of sustainability. Thank you Klaus!

okay case #5 MAD 

We have teamed up with NOMA to supply MAD T-shirts and bags to the MAD Symposium. MAD is the Danish word for food and since 2011 some of the best chefs in world have gathered in Copenhagen to produce knowledge and share innovative ideas on how the quest for a better meal can leave the world at a better place than we found it. 

okay case #6 the WORLD'S BEST NEWS

The World's Best News is a campaign created by the UN, Danida and private sector as well as civil society representatives, that shares positive stories on global development. For their yearly pop-up event they use Neutral® clothing to communicate the message to Danish citizens.

Photo by Hjalte Zacharewicz.